Friday, January 29, 2010

Blogging Comments

Commenting on blogs will lead to some interesting conversations.  I can see where writing, commenting, and reading those comments can be very affirming, especially for someone who isn't confident about expressing themselves.  I can also see where blogging, commenting, reading comments, responding and repeating the cycle can consume a great amount of time.


  1. I hear you on the time consuming comment! I think I've spent more time this weekend looking at interesting blogs and reading comments than I have on grading papers! Then again, I haven't been this excited to be doing professional development in a long time. I've found some posts already that have given me some serious pause for thought.

  2. It is easy to go into the web of the Internet and not find your way out for a long time. There are so many great things that I find it challenging to keep track of all that I want to share.

  3. I find myself going back to the blogs AND to the comments each time I log on to complete another "thing". I have spent a lot of time reading both the assigned blogs and those participating in 23 Things...and I still haven't finished getting through all of them!!! It can make for some very interesting reading.